The Plan

It can come as a surprise to hear that there is a Plan for our existence and that we are not simply accidental life forms in an impersonal universe.

The Plan is a deep mystery and yet in essence it is God’s purpose for the many kingdoms of our planet and in our high moments of aspiration and dedication we can receive impressions from this divine level of consciousness.

In Mystery school training you learn to silence your mind in order to intuitively sense the Plan as it can potentially play out in your own life.

Divinity can use your particular skills in the furtherance of the Plan and anyone who wishes to cooperate with the Plan does so within their own capacity.

When silent and present we spontaneously serve the divine Plan because we are able to sense the true need of the moment. As my yoga teacher Vijay Yogendra put it, “To be there available for service is Love.”

On a personal note, it was through my connection to the Ascended Masters R. and Xurenses that I was given an insight into how to align with the Plan. They encouraged me to complete a project commenced within the Egyptian Mystery schools by allowing higher Minds to guide me. The challenge as always is to keep your ego out of the picture.

So the Plan will work out in a very intimate way for each one of us, as we identify our own part in the vast picture puzzle of Life.