The Laws of Life


When we incarnate on the planet we enter into a field of learning set down by God, the Planetary Logos. We all live within the sphere of influence of this silent Presence and are not separate from it, even though our egos may think differently.

If we follow the laws of life set down within the universal Mind, then we can re-awaken to the silent Presence and become co-creators too. If we do not learn the required lessons then despite our best efforts we will remain prisoners of the planet.

The school of life on Earth subjects us to three natural Laws, which need to be recognized and accepted in order for us to liberate ourselves from the cycle of incarnations.

Fortunately, the Masters have explained the nature of these laws and how to work with them. These laws are the spiritual dynamic within which the Mysteries play out.

The Law of Nature (Karma)

In earlier societies where people lived closer to the land there was a more intimate relationship with nature. The seers of these cultures had a deep intuitive connection with the Father Spirit and Mother Nature and they were able to discern the spiritual purpose and intent behind the seasonal cycles.

They knew that the seasons are controlled by the Law of Karma (Cause & Effect) and recognized the spiritual opportunities that each season brought to humanity.

Out of their wisdom they developed the mysteries, which included rituals, initiations and teachings that were timed to work with the energies of the seasons in order to promote purification and awakening.

These lessons were called the Lesser Mysteries and each one included a degree aligned with a season, an element and an initiation or challenge that had to be resolved.

The Planetary Logos, the Christ and the Ascended Masters have always watched over these processes and these initiations represent entry into the Great White Brotherhood for the one standing at the doorway.

Each challenge involves purifying one of your personality vehicles because identification with the personality vehicles creates a veil between you and the silent Presence of God.

The three natural Laws then are the means by which the Divinity offers a Path to awakening.

All of humanity is subject to this natural law of Karma and the challenges it presents, but not all respond to it by taking to the spiritual path. The vast majority of people cycle through the Lesser Mysteries unconsciously, whereas the spiritual aspirant and disciple have started to consciously tread the Path.

Karma is the inexorable law that decrees that for every action there is a reaction and it determines that in the fullness of time we will reap what we have sewn. The suffering and humbling nature of this form of education is designed to motivate us to wake up.

Karma brings challenges generated by our actions in previous lives and the lessons we need to learn. It also brings the recognition that we need to start accepting the consequences of our actions and to become responsible.

Those older souls who know the ropes recognize that they cannot behave aggressively and selfishly towards others without their karma catching up with them.

They are the ones who then seek an understanding of how to overcome the negative expression of their nature and sooner or later recognize that this comes through the Law of Redemption.

The Law of Redemption (Forgiveness)

As we take on more suffering, due to our ignorance and the reaping of karma, the Law of Redemption comes into play. This law offers us a chance to redeem ourselves from immersion in matter by practicing unconditional love.

The need is to respond to personal attacks and conflicts with others by offering them forgiveness and directing unconditional love and light towards them. If we do this then it leads to the rapid resolution of our karma and towards the portal of initiation.

By forgiving others who attack or judge us we display our spiritual understanding and are then rewarded with opportunities for further growth.

Redemption comes from accepting and confessing our ego motivations and from seeing ourselves just as we are. By forgiving those who appear to direct negativity and hatred towards us we can grow and awaken to the Self.

The inability to accept and confess what we ourselves have become is a form of spiritual arrogance. However, it is the most enlightened response because it brings us into the present moment where solutions to our issues can arise.

The Law of Initiation

If we truly understand the Law of Redemption, as it operates within the Law of Nature, and act on it, then we enter into the Law of Initiation. Initiation refers to the experience of challenges, which when faced squarely offer us the opportunity to grow on all levels.

These initiations or degrees are called the Lesser Mysteries and they are linked to the seasons, elements and a particular challenge connected with the personality.