Spiritual Hierarchy

Love and Wisdom flow from the silent Presence as a living stream and are demonstrated in the lives of the great Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy. These Masters have appeared throughout the course of history and within many cultures and traditions.

Their inclusive personnel include historical figures like the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna and many others, both male and female. The sole, loving purpose of their teachings is to awaken us to our true nature.

As a whole the Masters and their disciples are known as the White Brotherhood or Spiritual Hierarchy and they are a divinely ordered community. The term Hierarchy recognizes that within the inherent Oneness, there is a diversity of awakened beings.

Whatever their gifts and focus the Hierarchy are aligned with the divine Will and Purpose, known as the Plan. They walk in the light of the silent Presence, the ‘One in Whom we live and move and have our being’.

The Hierarchy have realized their Oneness with this Great Being and so through their loving, intelligent action naturally support the unfolding of the divine Plan for all of the nature kingdoms upon Earth.

The Lord of the World is in turn influenced by Galactic beings, our Solar Logos and other planetary lords. All of them sacred, all of them beloved.

The Buddha and the Christ are Brothers within the Hierarchy and both are key figures serving the Lord of the World. The Christ is the head of the Hierarchy on Earth, while there are star people, archangels and many others aligned with the divine Plan too.

Members of the Hierarchy actively influence the lives of their disciples and devotees from invisible levels and our most significant Teachers originate from Sirius, the source of the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The Spiritual Hierarchy offers a living path to Presence that involves initiation into ever more awakened levels of consciousness. They encourage us to return to our Source by deepening our relationship with God, the silent Presence.

Our return is guided and supported by these members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, whose greatest joy is to serve the One Life within all of us.

If you sincerely wish to serve and ask for guidance then the Divinity will respond by directing you to those who can support your awakening.