Seed Thoughts

A seed thought is a statement to contemplate with a quiet mind. They are similar to Koans and will take you beyond the mind into Silence.

When your heart flowers you will start to sing your song.
Our main responsibility to this good Earth and the already awake Nature kingdoms is to awaken to Presence.
Presence emerges from a vulnerable heart. The ego does not encourage vulnerability because it is the controller of your defences.
To silently witness the beauty of Nature is to look through the eyes of the Self.
To approach the Self,
You must be as naked as the Self.
So strip off that body & mind
and dive into the Heart.
Being egoless, Nature is Omnipresent.
Separation can only exist
where there is an ego.
The Self has no ego
so It is Everything & Nothing
The whole Universe is healed when you love and accept yourself.