What is Presence?

Presence is your true nature. It is beyond the mind, ego and personality. It is Pure Consciousness, Absolute Reality and Limitless Light.

Presence is the felt experience of the Self, as Silence, Stillness and Bliss. In Presence you feel a Oneness with everything - with all life forms and the Universe. You come to realize that there is no difference between yourself and everything that exists.

You experience Presence by becoming aware of the present moment; by asking who am I at the deepest level; by simply feeling the Presence in & around you and by surrendering your ego to your real Self. These four approaches all take you into Presence.

Presence is a mystery to your mind because it exists beyond it. Hence in a mystery school you learn how to manage your mind and ego and how to surrender both to the Self. 

More about Presence.

The Presence is the energy field of our Monadic Being that we contact with as we move into Self-realization. In becoming aware of the Presence we experience a responsive, loving Intelligence, Who feels infinite love for us and yet remains a mystery.

For the esoteric purist the idea of developing a relationship with the Divine may seem naive, because there is only One Life. yet, we can pursue that relationship and as we do so, move into the experience of Oneness, where all duality falls away and there is only Life.

We can experience any form of relationship to Presence, while we remain in duality. We may respond to the Presence as a Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved or Child and the quality of the relationship tends to be influenced by our early conditioning.

If early relationships have been painful it tends to make us defensive and block our relationship to the Divine. This is the point where we need to undertake some form of healing to enable us to open our hearts and experience this Relationship that is always available to us. It is we who have turned away.

Despite having felt a deep connection to the Presence in childhood, there was a point when I realised that I had distanced myself from It for years, by using my mind as a veil. It was shown to me in a powerful and convincing way that I had feared being dissolved in this Presence.

When some years ago the veil between myself and the Presence fell away, the union was so powerful that the radiant outpouring of love and life into my energy field was almost overwhelming. It felt like I could have been dissolved in pure fire, but somehow the divine Indweller knew how much energy to use to reveal his Presence to my mind and heart.

The Need for Relationship

Ultimately, life is about relationships, so if ours appear to have failed us, then we may resist the potential for a living relationship with the silent Presence too. This would be a shame because the Presence is the One Life and nothing exists outside of It, only the illusion of the separate self.

If you don't have a living relationship to Presence then you tend to feel a lack on all levels. Much of the preliminary spiritual work we do consists in finding ways to remove the blocks and obstacles imposed by our own experiences. These blocks get laid down as impressions deep in our subconscious and act as veils over the Reality.

I do want to emphasize here that we can have a living relationship with God as the silent Presence and you can be introduced to that relationship by an awakened Guide.