What is Presence?

Presence is your spiritual Self, which transcends the mind, ego and personality. It is Pure Consciousness, Absolute Reality and the Limitless Light.

Presence is the felt experience of the Self as Silence, Love, Stillness and Bliss. When you enter Presence you feel a sense of Oneness with all life forms.

There are several ways to develop your relationship with the silent Presence. These include:

  • Through relaxed concentration on any sense object.

  • By surrendering your ego to God.

  • By asking “Who am I?” at the deepest level.

These three approaches will all take you into the silent Presence of the Self.

More about Presence.

Presence is the energy field of Pure Being or the Self, which is infinitely loving and yet always a mystery to our mind it exists beyond the mind.

You can have a loving relationship to Presence seeing God as your Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved or Child. The quality of your relationship to Presence tends to be influenced by your early conditioning.

If your primary, early relationships have been painful then your ego may feel defensive and this inhibits your relationship to the Self. In that case you may need to undertake some form of healing to open your heart. You don’t always realize that it is you who turned away from the Self and became trapped in the mind.

As an example of this, despite having felt a deep connection to the silent Presence in my childhood, I realized in my adult years that I had distanced myself from God by using my mind as a shield.

The Need for Relationship

Ultimately, life is about relationships, so if they appear to have failed us then our ego may resist the potential for a living relationship with the silent Presence too. This brings suffering because Presence is the One Life and nothing exists outside of It - only the illusion of the separate self.

If you don't have a relationship with the living Presence, you will feel empty and isolated and there may be a sense of lack on all levels.

You can readily develop a living relationship with God as the silent Presence and an awakened Guide can support your process of awakening.