Third Degree - Fire Initiation

The Fire Initiation teaches us about love and how unconditional Love opens the Heart and quietens your mind.

There is a need to bring the ego under control during this degree and to practice unconditional love toward everyone, even our enemies. Perhaps the most challenging lesson of all.

During this challenge it is typical to have a lot of personality conflicts, where we are constantly challenged not to meet fire with fire. When people attack us it is natural to want to defend ourselves. However, the insight needed at this stage is that the truth is more important than any point scoring.

The healthy need to assert oneself that may have been relevant earlier in our personality development must now give way to being harmless and non-judgemental. This can occur more readily when we recognise that there is no-one to defend, because the ego is part of the non-self.

This was brought home to me with great force in my twenties when my teacher asked me, why I was so defensive towards him and I told him that I was afraid of losing my identity. He said, “John, you have no identity to lose, you only have your love to give” and I guess that sums up the issue. What are we actually defending when we defend our ego - smoke and mirrors it seems?

The Master Jesus’ recommendation for dealing with conflicts with strong personalities was to be as gentle as a lamb and as cunning as a serpent. No one is asking us to roll over and play dead. There is clearly the need to protect those around us and our own integrity, but not through violence in thought, word or deed.

There are exercises one can learn where you direct rose pink unconditional love towards the person concerned and you can simply work away at it for 5 minutes a day, until you discern a shift in the relationship.

It may take time but while you are doing so, it will help you to develop your powers of white magic and an understanding of how to work with soul energies. These activities help to purify your aura by dropping the use of personality-based force and learning to direct spiritual energies through your etheric body. You then experience the effect of practicing unconditional love in a very immediate way.

To pass the Fire Initiation one needs to develop the three qualities of faith, hope and love. Faith is the first test, so that when friends leave us we retain faith in the Creator. We also need to keep hope burning bright when all is dark around us and to express the fire of Unconditional Love from the Heart centre.