The Lesser Mysteries

All of humanity faces the challenge of the Lesser Mysteries, but they don’t necessarily go onto spiritual awakening. Where these cycles do awaken the probationer student s/he starts to recognize the truth of the existence of the soul and realizes that life has purpose.

The probationer and disciple, as opposed to the unconscious person, start to purify their vehicles, which initiates the refining process. As this process builds momentum they experience increasingly challenging cycles and if they deal with these, then they move into the experience of the Greater Mysteries and the Law of Initiation.

These challenges involve commitment to service and the person attracts the attention of the Great White Brotherhood. The initiate and world server then slowly emerges.

The Portal of Initiation

As we tread the path of spiritual evolution there comes a time when we approach the Portal of Initiation. If we can gain entry through that door we are blessed with a greater vision of the divine Plan, an enhanced sphere of influence and a clearer service orientation.

In approaching the portal there is a need for both humility and courage. Humility to recognize when a Power greater than oneself is beckoning and courage because all that is resistant in our nature needs to be faced. The resistance comes from fear.

The portal actually presents itself as a block within your personality nature, which is preventing further progress. It may be uncontrolled physical appetites or desires or fears, attachment to your beliefs, opinions or to an intellectual position.

Ultimately, it will be the ego’s resistance and the belief in your separate identity that needs to be resolved. Only then are you admitted to the larger, more inclusive life of the Lord of the World.

If spiritual initiations have been experienced in previous lives, then they will be cycled through relatively quickly in the current life, until one reaches the previous point of development. Hence Jesus experienced the Birth, Baptism and Transfiguration initiations in relatively rapid succession in the first 30 years of His life in Palestine.

Signs of Progress?

Authentic initiations activate the higher chakras and so anyone wanting to know where they truly stand on the spiritual path may acquire this information by studying the level of activity within their chakras.

Table of Lesser Mysteries

The following table sets out the key degrees, elements, festivals and soul lessons for the Lesser Mysteries of the Grail tradition. The dates indicate the approximate time of the nature festivals and should be reversed for those in the Northern Hemisphere, i.e. the Winter Solstice will be in December.



Season Festival

Soul Lesson


Sth Hemisphere



Winter Solstice

Birth of Soul Awareness




Spring Equinox

Mastery of Desire




Summer Solstice

Mastery of Thought




Autumnal Equinox

Unconditional Love




Winter Solstice

Mastery of Ego


More about the Mysteries

The Mysteries are the teachings, rituals and techniques that lead a disciple into the awakening of Presence and commitment to service.

They were first taught to humanity by the Great White Brotherhood and have been handed down from Master to student for thousands of years.

The Grail tradition is protected by the Ascended Master Koot Hoomi and the Archangel Michael and supported by the other Masters too. They support the advancing disciple and provide guidance and opportunities for service to humanity.