The True Power of Confession

“Dedicated to Leonard Jacobson who lives this teaching.”

Have you noticed how confession isn't very popular nowadays?

So many want to plead 'not guilty' in court cases, even when it turns out they have done the deed.

Perhaps it is because there has been so much public shaming, outing and other ego-based activities in our society that we don’t use confession as a natural part of healing.

I have been experiencing just how powerful a confession can be in helping to manage my ego. As Leonard has said, when you own, acknowledge and confess what you have become as an ego, it liberates you from the world of the mind.

When sincerely offered, a confession cuts through the mind's defences in a way that allows the ego to release its grasp on you and then the silent Presence is revealed.

The important thing is to only confess to an awakened being, whether that being is a tree, a river or a human. If you confess to an unconscious person whose response is rejecting or hurtful, it can give your ego an excuse to go back into hiding and defensiveness.

I have noticed that the urge to be released from the ego’s limiting attitudes and actions grows as you come more frequently into the present moment. Being in the silence of the present moment promotes healing, like a poultice draws a splinter out of your flesh. Everything in us that is not Presence actually wants to reveal itself in order to be seen and forgiven by our inner Divinity.

I remember a story about one of my teachers speaking at a conference. A woman in the audience kept challenging and attacking him for what he was saying, even though what he said was quite benign.

She kept this up for the whole day and even at the end of the conference she approached him in the foyer and gave him another serve. She would not let up.

Being deeply intuitive the teacher simply smiled lovingly at her and said, "I am ready to hear your confession." She was totally stunned and silenced by his invitation.

The point is that when we find ourselves judging and condemning others, it is a sure sign that we are feeling guilty and self-critical, but haven’t yet become conscious of it.

We can become more conscious of everything we think, say and do by constantly returning to the present moment, where awareness is at its height. There, in the clear light of Presence, our patterns are readily seen and we can then accept and confess them.

Such confessions loosen your attachment to your ego and its tendency to over-protect and control you. And while it is good to confess something to yourself, it can be even more healing to confess to an awakened being, who is a natural proxy for God.

Then God hears you and responds to your confession with love, acceptance and healing.