The Reappearance of the Christ

One of my favorite books is “The Reappearance of the Christ” by Alice Bailey.

It’s an overview of the Christ’s planned reappearance on Earth and His activities over the past 2,000 years.

When I first read the book many years ago my energy field started to vibrate and I was filled with joy and excitement. That was my spontaneous response to it.

The Tibetan Master, who communicated with Alice Bailey, tells us that the Christ is the mediator for 3 great energies, Peace, Love and Unity and directs these energies to humanity through the groups and disciples who work with Him.

This activity has contributed to the seeding of the spirit of oneness and goodwill that we have seen increasingly expressed by the public in recent decades. This despite the ongoing violence and despotism perpetuated by the powerful few caught in illusion and glamour.

The Christ and the Buddha are spiritual Brothers and teach the Path of Love-Wisdom, Buddha being the messenger of Light and Christ, the messenger of Love. They each directly embody these respective Energies and so truly are Sons of God.

Now in this new approach the Christ is wielding the combined energies of Love, Wisdom and the silent power of the divine Will, to create a potent path of awakening for Humanity. Perhaps this is why more people are waking up over the past couple of decades?

Since His re-emergence, which commenced over 70 years ago, the Christ has been introducing this new Life, which brings freedom from identification with the body-mind and immersion in Presence.

Presence is God immanent, our inherent divinity. Through it we come to God Transcendent, the Father, the Silence and we deepen into Oneness with God.

If you are entering the present moment, Presence, then you are to an extent, an agent for the love and the will of God. You are supporting the basis for Christ’s teaching mission, which is to establish the visible Kingdom of God on Earth.

The three phases of His reappearance cited by the Tibetan are the nurturing of Christ consciousness in the hearts of everyone, the impressing of the minds of enlightened people everywhere and finally His actual public activity.

The Christ is the Teacher of angels and humanity and the task faced by Him to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is an enormous one.

He never left the Earth and the Tibetan has described in a lyrical way, how the Christ stands at sunset, each evening, under a great Pine tree in his secluded retreat and with raised arms, sends His silent Blessing to the world.

In the coming reappearance the Christ will work through his chosen channel, the Ascended Master Koot Hoomi.

The Kingdom of God is already present here on Earth in the form of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. They are guiding increasing numbers of us into awakening and it is to reveal this Kingdom and its reality to all of humanity that Christ returns.

And what does admission to the Kingdom bring to the awakened person? The ability to co-operate with the Christ and the Masters in offering love and healing to humanity and the nature kingdoms of the planet.

The sign of your being ready to enter one of the great Ashrams of the Masters that comprise this Kingdom is the development of 3 qualities. These are right Motive, Selfless Service and Intelligence, the ability to discern Reality from illusion and Spirit from materialism.

The Tibetan indicates that Christ’s teaching is based on the following key areas:

  • Establishment of Right Human Relations (based on Goodwill)

  • The Law of Rebirth (with the Law of Karma as the key educational method for humanity)

  • Revelation of the Mystery of Initiation

  • The Dispelling of Glamour

For those wishing to make their contribution to the Reappearance a simple way is to simply come into the present moment, where we are intuitively aligned with the Christ, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the unfolding Plan.

What you can do to serve will then be revealed in the most natural way.

NB The image of Maitreya the Christ is copyrighted by Grail House Publications.