You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Awaken

Come my Friends, let us put aside our fears, mental defences and judgments and join together in the silence of the present moment, the Now.

Remember the saying, ‘for wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I amidst them’.

The silent Presence is always there when we gather, but when we refuse to be present in that moment the magnetic current of Love that flows between us is broken. To live in the mind is to be cut off from this current of Life and that is a living death.

So the one thing necessary is to surrender to the present moment.

You do this for yourself, not for the ego, but for your divine Self.

It’s very easy for the mind to remain in a state of aloofness, where you think you’re engaged with the present moment but are not.

The experience of Presence is a rarity in public life, because it is very easy for us to remain aloof from each other. Even though we may be in the same room, we may be hiding from each other by being just out of sync, energetically disconnected and lost in our own minds.

We actively avoid the intimacy of the present moment, because we are afraid of being seen.

We don’t want anyone to look into our eyes and see the repressed anger or sadness that doesn’t fit with our smiling, social persona.

We don’t want others to see our neediness or low self-esteem or any one of a multitude of issues. We may forget that anyone who is relatively awake can see them anyway. And yet these same feelings and attitudes are our battle wounds, our soul’s colours. They are our humanity.

Our eyes truly are the windows of our soul, but most of us are keen to keep the shutters down!

I confess that I did this by only looking below a person’s eyes when I spoke to them. I didn’t even realize that this subtle disengagement had developed into a habit for me.

Why don’t we look at each other? I may be afraid that if I meet your gaze I will be revealed to your eyes and then you will reject me or exploit my weaknesses. At least, that is how the ego thinks.

Nowadays, I let you see me. It’s only me you are seeing and I am not so different from you.

It’s paradoxical, but in order to be engaged with others in the intimacy of the present moment, you need to have clear boundaries.

We can only be fully present and experience oneness with others, when we can accept their feelings and don’t feel the need to please or control them.

The more you are truly yourself at every level, the more Presence reveals itself from within. How then do you heal the hiding and avoidance? The answer is simple..

You need to allow yourself to be seen by someone who is awake. Healing comes when you allow others to see you, just as you are.

When you are seen by someone who is truly present, you are healed by the silent mirror they hold up to you. You are healed by the acceptance and compassion you feel for yourself.

This relieves us of the burden of hiding and we can spontaneously enter into the joy of the present moment.

I remember talking to someone and as he became quiet he confessed, “John, I am a liar and a cheat.” After he spoke these words the room filled with the palpable feeling of Presence.

By confessing what he had become due to a lack of love in his earlier life he allowed Presence to emerge from within him. God is Truth and will be there wherever truth, love or silence are present.

You don’t have to be perfect to awaken. By accepting and revealing yourself to others, you can enter into the silent, healing Presence.