White Magic

White Magic is a term coined by the Tibetan Master and refers to the channeling of spiritual energies, while in a superconscious state. It is also the energetic process involved in any divine act of creation, awakening or healing.

The Tibetan is clear in saying that there is no emotional or mental involvement in the flow of magic. The awakened soul knows that these processes don’t originate from their personality, but from their immersion in the heart and mind of God.

The white magician has to a large degree, released themselves from the illusions of the ego and mind and the glamour of desire. The clammer and attraction of the world has faded for such souls and they are content to accept that “the initiate is always alone.”

The white magician offers themselves as a channel for the divine energies of the superconscious Self, whereas the magician of popular imagination, manipulates physical, emotional and mental forces for their own selfish purpose.

The white magician invokes God and members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, whereas the black magician invokes his dark brothers on the subtle planes, who work with the lower mind and manipulate their victims through the forces of sex, desire and fear.

The white magician aspires to enter the kingdom of God, whereas the black magician moves towards the dissolution of their soul.

Having often been immersed in the silent Presence, the white magician’s energy field is a highly sensitive instrument, used to transmit light and sound energies. Their intuition enables them to readily perceive the needs and motives of others.

They also value detachment and dispassion, knowing that their own lower motives, desires and fears only interfere in the true magical process. Black magicians are often caught up for lifetimes in destructive cycles of abuse, whereas the actions of their white brothers attract blessings over time.

Purity is essential in the development of the white magician, who may well have fallen through selfish actions in previous lives. At a certain stage of the Path these past mistakes will be revealed by your soul and are shown as a caution. Temptations always arise for the magician and act as ongoing tests of their development.

As in all fields of human endeavor magicians vary in their level of development. At one end of the spectrum is the beginner who naively dabbles in potentially dangerous activities. Then there is the disciple with authentic healing or visionary skills, who is learning to communicate with their superconscious self.

Further along are the initiates and Masters who are highly adept as magicians. At the far end of the spectrum is Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, whose Magic involves the creation of an entire planetary life. Even this Great Being has larger lives within which He moves.

While white magicians may be well aware of the needs of an individual or group, they always act as an instrument for the omniscient, omnipotent divine Will. They do not heal or awaken others for selfish motives and attribute all healing to God. As an elder brother has said, there is nothing in it for the ego.

When acting as a channel, the light, love and power of the silent Presence flows through the magician’s head or heart centre, their eyes or hands. This transmission of spiritual energy heals and awakens according to the karma, faith and ripeness of the recipient. There is no luck or miracle in these processes.

White Magicians in History

In esoteric circles the Ascended Masters are the well known white magicians and include the Master Jesus and the Master Rakoczy, who incarnated as Merlin. In recent history, Helena Blavatsky and others adepts have possessed these skills.

The English visionary Edmund Harold was a gifted white magician too, though he preferred the term Seer. The Seer has developed second sight, the ability to see and communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy and mediates by communicating their visions, messages and healing to humanity.

All of these teachers emphasize the need to purify yourself and your motives throughout your training as a magician. The energies they work with are highly potent and will reveal any weaknesses in their physical, vital, emotional and mental bodies.

The Way of the White Magician

The way to develop as a white magician or seer is a challenging one and requires surrender to the divine Will and mastery of the ego and mind. It involves:

  • being able to read your own and others’ hearts and minds

  • refinement of the etheric body, through which all energies flow between the individual and universal energy field

  • an understanding of the function of the centres within the etheric body the development of guiding values, self-care & a service orientation

The White Magician…

  • is group conscious and so is aligned with all life forms and their fellow disciples, the Ascended Masters and other members of the Great White Brotherhood

  • has awakened to the silent Presence

  • has practical gifts in telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, healing and channeling

  • is able to act without motive, when in a superconscious state has transcended belief in the material ideas of time, space, ego and causation

Examples of White Magic

  • God creating the Earth

  • A True Master awakening his disciples through intention, glance or touch

  • The soul creating a new personality in order to incarnate on Earth

  • A healer channeling healing energies thru their energy centres

  • A seer communicating with her Master, via her awakened Third Eye

In this article we have touched on the nature of white magic and the development of the white magician, but it is through practice that the way is truly revealed.