The Divine Seer Looks Out Through Your Eyes

The Healing & Awakening Power in Your Attention.

All the blessings and power you need to awaken reside within your attention. They are already here.

Ponder on these 3 truths from the Masters.

  • The Source of your attention is Pure Consciousness, the silent Presence.

  • Presence is the divine Seer who looks out through your eyes!

  • The energy that flows from your attention is divine Grace.

This means that your attention, your pure, focused attention is the expression of the divine Power. Whomever an awakened human Seer gazes upon is blessed by the same power of divine love, light and peace and receives the divine Grace that heals and awakens.

However, the full power of that attention has been diluted for most of us, because we have been distracted by our personal preoccupations. When this is the case we only need to purify ourselves by resolving the fears, desires and subconscious conflicts within our personality bodies. These very issues are what the Lesser Mysteries resolve in us.

Only when these vital, emotional, mental and causal factors are resolved does the disciple find the concentration, heartfelt desire and faith to go within to the Source of that attention and merge with It . Only by merging with the divine Presence, will the energy of that divine Gaze express Itself through the newly awakened Initiate.

What strengthens our attention?

On a personality level, our love, desire, ambition and aspiration all focus and concentrate the mind, but so often the object of our attention is a transient or lesser goal than the Self. When you surrender that lesser goal and yearn for the divine Presence, you will find the power and concentration to go within and awaken.

What pulls us out of Presence?

So let’s work this through…

  • when you focus on your body and overly attend to it’s aches and pains, its beauty or ugliness, its vitality or fatigue, you get pulled out of Presence.

  • when you get caught up in the appetites, vanities and ambitions in your Etheric body, you get pulled out of Presence.

  • when you focus on the agitation and reactivity that desires, fears, likes and dislikes provoke in your Emotional Body you get pulled out of Presence.

  • when you get caught up in the thoughts & judgments, memories & imaginings, ideas & opinions in your Mental body, then you get pulled out of Presence.

  • when you are obsessed by your past and future lives and the eternally unfolding story of your soul, you get pulled out of Presence.

When you get distracted by these afflictions you’re drawn away from the present and suffer.

This is why God, the silent Presence wants your complete attention, so that the power of His Gaze and Grace can draw you inwards to the Heart, where you merge with the divine Seer and realize your true nature!

The Solutions

There are many things we can do to redirect our attention back to the silent Presence of the Self.


We can purify the 5 personality sheaths, using techniques from yoga and the ageless wisdom traditions. These include:

Physical Body: Exercise, rest, diet, fresh air. sunlight.

Etheric/Vital Body: Breathing, values, sunlight.

Emotional Body: Management of desires, fears, values.

Mental Body: Meditation & concentration practices to quieten the mind and internalize it. Concentrating in the present moment.

Soul Body: Surrender to God. Being focused in the present moment.

These techniques purify the bodies or sheaths, so that they become pure channels for the silent Presence. The sheaths are not a problem in themselves. It is just that they have been afflicted by factors that have conditioned them. Any work applied to purification is time well spent.

The Key Solution

The most immediate way to return to Presence is by turning your attention to the present moment and concentrating on a physical sensation without allowing any mental commentary.

Listen to sounds, observe your breath, feel the grass under your bare feet. If you do this effectively, then your mind will become silent and turn within.

What we are doing through this process is actually imitating the attention of the divine Seer, whom we then merge with in Silence. Then our mind’s attention becomes focused within the Heart and we dissolve. Then everything we perceive is One with the silent Presence.

As you become present and quieten, the ego will present any unresolved issues for your attention. If you offer your love to them and resolutely and gently ignore them, then you will enter into the Heart and merge with the silent Presence dwelling there.

If you simply can’t ignore them, then address and resolve them and then return to the silent Presence.

What enables us to stop being provoked by our ego and unresolved issues in the personality?

When you have suffered enough, when you have been disappointed enough, when you have died a thousand deaths over your hopes, desires and fears. When your dreams and agendas release you from their grasp, then you will value and honour the Self, the silent Presence who created you.

Then you see very clearly that all of those distractions created by your desires and fears, your need for love or recognition and your enmeshment in the world, were all illusions created by your ego and mind. And you let them all go.

You surrender to the Self and dwell in the Heart. You are One with the silent Seer, who looks out through your eyes and whose Gaze is a blessing to the world.