The World Teacher

Some years ago I was in the rooms I had at the time, setting up for an evening meditation group.

As I lit the candle in preparation for the session I became focused and silent.

There was a feeling of love & dedication towards the Ascended Masters, whose paintings I had set up around the walls.

All 24 of Them were on display.

My mentor Edmund Harold had given me permission to reproduce the paintings & hang them on the walls of the Centre.

The silence & sacred feeling deepened as I became aware of a very human, yet profound Presence surrounding me. A great Heart was revealing Itself, one so expansive that it encompassed the entire planet.

For those few blessed moments that He shared His vast Consciousness with me, I was immersed in an extraordinary feeling of heartfelt pity and compassion for humanity and all of the nature kingdoms on the planet.

This love arose from His complete engagement with the suffering that all beings are going through today. An engagement that can only happen when someone is completely at one with the Heart of God.

I don’t know how I knew, but it was the Ascended Master Koot Hoomi, who had come to share that moment with me. In doing so, He revealed the Planetary Consciousness that a World Teacher blesses the world with through Their Presence.

If we desire it we can all awaken and serve the silent Presence, but not until we take the steps to reveal our inherent divinity.

As we make the effort to serve, we will be tested, constantly and we will fail and we will need to keep striving when we do so.

The more we awaken the more we leave the ‘doing’ up to our inherent divinity & recognise that what is left to us is to be honest, truthful & courageous in the face of the suffering we undergo.

Only in this way will God respond & reveal the light within us as Presence, Silence and that Peace we speak of as passing all understanding.

That Peace is what Master Koot Hoomi left me with that evening.

Needless to say the session went very well.

nb. The image of Ascended Master Koot Hoomi is copyrighted worldwide to Grail House.