Reveal Your Light

We have within us a spiritual Sun and its light is the source of our awareness.

Even an amoeba carries the same divinity within it, which is what impels it to move towards any light that it senses. Is that not a wonderful and mysterious thing?

Our senses, which emerge from this light, are God’s senses. We have God’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin and if we simply enjoy them in their pure form they reveal our oneness with all things. Whenever you quieten your mind by focusing on one object through one of your senses you can experience this.

Experience Refines the Senses

Our soul is the reincarnating entity that takes on many forms over many lifetimes, wearing them like so many sets of clothing. As we experience these different roles and forms within the nature kingdoms, our sensitivity to our environment gradually grows and refines.

We develop numerous sensory skills that allow us to function upon multiple dimensions, with the majority of them transcending our physical senses. These senses include clairvoyance, telepathy and higher abilities, beyond form itself.

The Light is All-Knowing

As we enter into the silent Presence and are drawn into its light, we access the all-knowing universal Mind. There we absorb a new language grounded in love and silence. There, we are held in the light of contemplation and the mind is silent.

In that contemplation we become conscious of the light that is our very Being, and which pervades the universe and enlightens all things. The light of Pure Consciousness.

The Tibetan has suggested that we should regard faith and light as the same thing, which is a beautiful recognition. As our faith grows so the light shines more brightly.

We are here on Earth to wake up and reveal our light, for as someone once said “You are the Light of the World.” and I suspect He was speaking literally!

Contemplating the world through your senses, without the mental commentary, will confirm to you that the world is made of light. Experiment with it!

The Challenge of the Ego

Correct use of the senses is the golden thread that leads you into the experience of the silent Presence. The problem is that the ego hijacks the senses by encouraging the mind to pursue pleasure and avoid pain and this promotes addictions and the purity of the senses is corrupted.

When the ego surrenders to God life is experienced through a purified mind and things are seen just as they are.

The Ego is a Thought and the Mind is a Reflected Light

Our inherent divinity is only obscured and veiled when we choose the reflected light of the mind, over the radiant light of the Self. From the suffering this mistake brings we gradually learn to discern between the Real and unreal.

The sooner we recognize that it is the false light of the ego that leads us int the world of illusion and away from our inner divinity, the sooner we will wake up.

The ego is really just a thought, an “I” thought, so it is unable to share in the Light with us. It can only function in the world of illusion, in the mind and so is no guide to Truth.

So while it is good to love and accept your ego, recognize that it is a false guide, which barricades the real You behind multiple defense mechanisms. By doing so we see our own heart as well as the world and other people as a threat to us.

There is no true nourishment at the ego’s table. Better to partake of the true bread of your inner light, the silent Presence, which lifts you beyond the glamours and illusions of the mind and ego.

The Brotherhood of Light

Remember too, that there is a Brotherhood of Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy and that They support those who sincerely want to awaken to the light of Presence.

They are available to guide the sincere and will respond to all those who call on Them.