The Still Point

The Aranda people of Central Australia call their supreme spiritual centre Pmara Kutata, the ‘Everlasting Home’. It is from this Point that their totemic ancestors emerge at the birth of time and where they return to at the end of creation.

The sculptor William Ricketts always had water flowing from the central point of the concentric circles in his sculptures of Pmara Kutata, (see photo), to symbolize how Life constantly flows from the Source.

The Still Point is the door to the Absolute, through which Light flows into the creation. It is the source of all enlightenment, healing and miracles.

Spiritual teachers and healers recognize that while of themselves they can do nothing to heal or enlighten, if they surrender to God they can be channels for the eternal Water of Life that flows from the Point.

The Christ is said to be the Dispenser of this Water of Life and the Ascended Masters are also One with the Point. This is why Christ and the Masters can all say “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. They are not being egotistical, but humbly expressing their surrender to God as channels of enlightenment for humanity and the nature kingdoms.

We are drawn into the still Point when we surrender to God or become focused enough to want God more than any person or thing in the created world. This is what the Apostle Matthew meant when he said “some take the Kingdom of Heaven by force”. Both faith and suffering create a one-pointed focus, which enable us to flow within to the embracing silence of the Point.

Consistently effort to live in the present moment, meditation, prayer and selfless service all help transmute your energy field into the same energy as the Point. Your field becomes magnetized, so that it is naturally attracted inwards to the Point.

It is a delight to close your eyes, to become silent and to be drawn into this Point, into the Heart of Life. It feels like you are a star being drawn into a Black Hole, except the latter is Absolute Reality. Actual contact with the Point, which may appear like a silent Sun, transmutes your nature and allows you entry into the spiritual kingdom. When you attain this freedom it is time to leave the human kingdom…

While concentration and surrender both bring you into the present moment and draw you within, attachment to people and things draws you out into the illusory world of the mind and thought. Such attachments block your access to the Point, because they perpetuate the externalizing tendency of the mind.

The more externalized you become, the more you get lost in the world of the non-self and the mind’s constant chatter. You can challenge this externalizing tendency by refocusing on your breath or some other sensory experience throughout the day. Focusing on something in the present moment is the key. Otherwise you fall deeper into your story - the ego’s false script about who you are. You can stay trapped in your story forever, so it is really up to you to choose what you value.

However, when you discern how the ego and mind cause your suffering it motivates you to go within. In the moments you access the Point, your life force is revitalized, the mind becomes silent and you are immersed in Light. From an energetic perspective the world loses interest in you and starts to withdraw from you. You no longer know who you are but that is okay, even amusing to you.

As you let go of attachment to the world you long for God's Presence because you realize It is the only Reality and Truth. You feel alive when immersed in the silent Presence and note how your personal will is a trickster, whose decisions lead you away from Presence and into suffering. So you gradually learn not to grab the hooks of desire and fear that trap you in the mind and the transient things of the world.

The Ascended Masters are members of the human family who have become one with the Point. They are dedicated channels for the divine Purpose, through which awakening and healing flow into the world.

I love and serve Them, because they are rare beacons of Light in our world.