When You Wake Up You Add Your Light To The World.

In the Ageless Wisdom tradition every one of us is seen as a living cell within the One Life of God. This greater Life is the One in Whom we all live.

As you return to the present moment and awaken to Presence you gradually realize your identity as a conscious Light within this immense, silent Oneness.

You join the Community comprised of all the awakened beings within the nature kingdoms, as well as the Masters, Angels and Star People of the Great White Brotherhood.

Entering this Pure Consciousness that is shared by all awakened beings will open you to true spiritual perception, intuition and group consciousness. These gifts include but transcend the everyday clairvoyance and other sensory skills that are being promoted by psychics today.

It’s important to understand that these capacities are simply the sensory equipment of this greater Being and that you share in them as you awaken. They are not skills that the ego can claim or that should be used for personal advantage, for that is the path of the black magician.

The person who consciously fosters these faculties by developing their relationship with God is called a Seer or White Magician and they bring greater Light into the world.

In the forthcoming Presence Gathering by simply returning to the present moment you will initiate your entry into this spiritual Community.

You may like to ask yourself, “Is this the reason for which I was born?”