You Are Light

When you feel lost, hurt, broken or confused. When you feel fed up, angry or resentful - just stop.

Just stop for a moment and close your eyes. Take a few breaths and go within.

Feel your breath, feel your heartbeat, listen to the sounds that are coming to you. Feel any breeze or air that is playing against your skin.

In this way you can return to the present moment and come out of the mind and into the Heart, into the silent Presence.

Then gently, without judgement, recognize that you became caught up in the world of illusion, in other people, in events, desires, fears and expectations.

You just got lost for a moment and became entangled in the many factors which are not the essential you.

So now remember who you are - the silent Presence. Just say “I AM” and dwell silently in that space for a few moments. There is no rush…

You are Light, but you get colored by thoughts, feelings and reactions.

None of those things are you, for you exist prior to and before all activity, all doing, all desiring.

You have no past and no future, only the ever present Now. Surrender to It.

Having become quieter, take a moment to reaffirm your true nature with the I AM Affirmation, given to us by the Master R.


I Am.

I Am all that I Am.

One with the Universal Mind.

One with the Source of all Life.

I Am One with all life forms and they are One with me.

I Am Love,

I Am Light,

I Am Peace.

I Am.