Your Divine Self

The true Master lives within you as your divine Self.  

Over the years I have had many visions, but one of the most transformational happened nine days into a silent retreat in India. In that experience, a great expanse of golden Light appeared within my inner vision.

The Light then intensified, forming into a golden sun, which while motionless, radiated immense power. This sun was linked to me by energetic threads connected to my head and chest and the energy was pulsing back and forth between us. To say I was awestruck is an understatement. 

I was left in no doubt that this was my Creator, who could have easily burnt me to a crisp. While neither male nor female, I intuitively knew this was my Father in Heaven, a term I had never used until then. In this intense communion, I was invited to unite with the divine Presence, but my ego wasn't ready to fully surrender.   

In recent times I have increasingly sensed the same Light, which creates and permeates the  Universe. It exists just below the threshold of my awareness and can be felt in the present moment.

At times when I enter more deeply into Presence, the Light feels like it forms a sphere around my heart region. As I surrender more to It, both the mind and ego melt away and merge into this Sun.

As the "I" re-emerges from this Samadhi, or trance consciousness, the body is immobile and the only awareness is of the silent, loving Presence. 

This is the experience of the divine indwelling Self. In India it is called the Atma Swarupa, your true nature or inherent identity. 

With such an inner Master, who created the world and me, why then would I depend on any external thing?  These glimpses of the Self confirm the importance of going within to find the Reality behind my existence.

All the positive and negative experiences we have in this world are simply mental projections of our fears and desires. Like a movie, our karma is played out and every experience is designed to awaken us to our true nature as the Self. 

The movies are given the stamp of approval by the ego, which loves to externalize and experience the world as a real thing. However, this "world of the mind" feels increasingly unreal as Presence starts to flower within your heart. 

The more you regard your desires and fears as real, the more you compound your suffering and identify with thoughts, ideas and moods that are transient and unreal.

So it comes down to a choice, a very simple one...

Do you choose the world of the mind or the silent Presence as real?  One created the other and patiently waits to see which one you will choose. The Self can wait an eternity for you to wake up. It's in no rush... 

Once you choose your true Self and come into the present moment, the world which had seemed increasingly unreal, now looks like heaven on earth.

Now you see the creation as your divine Self sees it, as radiant with Presence, Love and Light.