Love Lives Within You

Love lives within you, waiting to be awakened. Whenever you come into the present moment you can feel It as a silent Presence within you.  

In love there is only oneness and so there is no 'other' to control. There is nothing apart from this silent Presence we call love. There are no thoughts, fears, objects or desires to be found, anywhere. They are all illusions created by the mind and ego and yet these distractions suppress the flow of love in our lives.

When divine Love awakens in the heart it flows outwards to heal, awaken and unite, blessing all that It touches. Wanting only the highest Good for others it is the one real Substance in our lives. We all hunger for it but somehow it evades many of us.

Human love when based on the ego's desires and attachments is a transient shadow of love's reality. So to seek love from others is akin to chasing phantoms that dance and evade one's grasp. 

However hard you may try you cannot fully love others when you see them as separate from yourself. That kind of love is simply the ego pretending to be loving.  

We can try to manipulate, seduce or dominate others into loving us, but the only real solution is to surrender and become one with divine Love. 

Unconditional Love emanates from the silence of the Self. 

Once you have realized this, felt this, you will understand that the only solution to one's captivity by the ego is to surrender to the Self. 

Surrender brings love, compassion and acceptance to the soul, relaxation to the body and peace to the mind. 

You become one with love by surrendering to the Self, the inner Master, which is infinitely more than your individual self.  Naturally, you will only surrender freely when you have the clear conviction that your suffering is caused by your captivity to the ego's judgement, projections and ignorance.

Such conviction brings humility and an intense yearning for union with the Self.  That yearning and prayer may then through grace attract a Teacher to show you how to master your mind and ego.

The awakened Presence in the Teacher awakens the Presence in the student, just like one magnetic field influences another.  This is simply an expression of love's blessing ability. 

The Self is completely untouched or influenced by the machinations of your ego. Yet God has watched for an eternity as you have tried to break free from the chains that bind you in ignorance. He feels only love, compassion and acceptance for you as His own child. 

Is the desire to surrender to God, your inner Master, something naive or delusional?  No, it is not. How could surrendering to Love, the living Reality, which lives within your heart, ever be so?