Trapped In Your Story

The most painful place you can live is inside the story that your ego and mind have created about you over time.

For most people that story is one of suffering and the exact opposite of your true nature as the silent Presence.

Release from your story comes about when you move into the present moment. This shift takes you out of the world of illusion created by the ego's addiction to the past and future.

When you are in Presence your whole story is brought into awareness and can be seen for what it is. Then it  gradually dissolves and releases you from its grip in the most beautiful way. Like a gentle sunrise.

All the pain and suffering we experience can be released by humbly accepting it. It has been placed there simply to wake us up out of our story. And we placed it there ourselves.

Like a person having a nightmare the suffering only lasts until you wake up. Then you can laugh about how you believed it was real.

So the way to wake up is by embracing the intimacy of the present moment and coming into right relationship with yourself.

In that loving space you recognize and accept what you have become as an ego to avoid the suffering. You accept and confess this to yourself or to an awakened being.

When your ego surrenders to God it allows that Presence (Truth) to bring to light the feelings and beliefs that have been repressed and ignored.

As they are released you then stand free of the story which has imprisoned you.

Then only the grace and power of Presence is revealed through your life.