Presence in Relationships

Consider what being present means in our relationships. 

You & I being fully open to each other, without a busy mind, expectations, judgements or projections getting in the way.

Can we can be present to one another, in the same way we are present to a beautiful sunset or as we watch our infant child sleeping?

When we are truly present in this way the other person feels safety, acceptance & compassion in our company. Then their response is to become very still & silent. Just present & aware.

As this space opens up Presence Itself emerges & the need to talk falls away. Then the palpable sense of Love itself is there in the space. And that Love can heal every unresolved part of our soul.

True, intimate relationship is healing.

Presence is that silent Love, which heals all the inner conflicts that have been created by the ego’s sense of separation. 

The mental defences and veils the ego created within the mind to bolster its false need for separation are gradually revealed in that space of Presence.

These defences and the ego itself can all be surrendered and released in those moments of divine Presence, when we are simply present to one another.

Just to be there and to be present - is Love.