The Ascended Masters

As we grow over many lifetimes our roles and interests change and evolve. I have found that my interests have changed several times in this current lifetime and that the things of my youth and young adulthood are less important to me now.

These changes reflect the increasing influence of the soul on our lives and they quicken as we undertake disciplined personal and spiritual development. I have found that my soul, the reincarnating entity, has taken an increasing interest in my life, as I have focused more attention on it through meditation, prayer, self-study and service.

The spiritual Masters have indicated that the ultimate reason we are born is to realize our innate Divinity and to become co-creators with God. This realization comes about by developing a relationship with your soul and with God, the silent Presence. As the relationship develops and your energy field is refined, three jewels are gradually revealed within your heart.

However, these jewels only remain as potentials if you don’t become aware of the silent Presence within. As you awaken the jewels start to radiate from within. \

The 3 Jewels are:

  • the ability to sacrifice your own agenda to God’s will

  • the ability to direct love and wisdom, as healing and awakening energies to those in need

  • the ability to act in creative and intelligent ways guided by the higher will

This is why we have to go through challenging learning experiences on Earth and elsewhere. If we didn’t have the experience of being imprisoned by the ego with all of its suffering, illusions and fears, then we wouldn’t be motivated to surrender to the divine Will. We wouldn’t awaken to the silent Presence and become co-creators with God.

In the Ageless Wisdom tradition it’s said that at creation we are Virgin Spirits, living in bliss and Oneness with God. But in that pristine state we are unaware of our individual nature and only when we fell into identification with the mind and ego did we realize our individuality.

Having fallen into separation and lost our bliss, we were then given the chance to sacrifice our individual will to the divine Purpose and to refine our desires into unconditional Love and Wisdom. These transmutations are meant to enable us to contribute to the healing and awakening of the planet, which is the divine Purpose.

A group who have already awakened to their inherent Divinity are the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood (Spiritual Hierarchy). These realized souls who serve humanity and the other nature kingdoms are a divine Community who have had human lives, like you and me, but have learnt to master their personality life, ego and mind.

Having mastered the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels of awareness, they have won the freedom to function upon the 4 highest levels of our material world. These are the formless, spiritual planes of consciousness and the Ascended Masters function upon these planes in a Cosmic Etheric Body made of the substance of these planes.

Having transcended the human condition the Masters no longer have physical bodies, but are able to contact their disciples, through the power of telepathy and impression. They are accessible to anyone who can function upon the Buddhic plane of Love-Wisdom.

To realize God has always been regarded as the pinnacle of spiritual activity and the Ascended Masters as God’s agents are able to guide us into that realization. They often make contact with their disciples, (meaning those willing to go through the disciplines required), through the medium of one of their senior disciples or those psychically-inclined sensitives who are able to receive their impressions.

My mentor Edmund Harold, a Senior disciple of the Master R. was told by the Masters that they rarely channel directly through a human being. Only in the very rare exception of someone like the Master Jesus being overlighted by the Christ does this happen.

As our Elder Brothers and Sisters, the Ascended Masters are to be respected, but not worshipped, for they simply started out on the higher Way before us. While not perfect, their loving wisdom has become second nature and is directed to the fulfilment of God’s Plan and Purpose for humanity. That Purpose is really a Mystery, but at our level may be regarded as the awakening of all sentient beings to the silent Presence of God.

The Ascended Masters through their own striving have come to know and serve God. Their alignment with the divine WIll and embodiment of love, compassion and wisdom, brings healing and enlightenment to our often darkened world. That is why I love and serve Them, like many disciples around the world.

They are the true Guides of humanity and Alice Bailey, one of the authentic sources of information about the Masters has said that They are in process of returning to Earth in order to guide the newly awakening humanity.

If you have ever asked the following questions you may wish to discover more about the Masters.

  • Who guides our human evolution?

  • What are their names and roles?

  • How do I connect with them?

  • Where will it lead me?

  • Are there living Masters?

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