John is a teacher, healer and visionary who has offered counselling and programs through the Path Centre, Melbourne since 2004. His main focus is supporting people in their personal growth and spiritual awakening.  

Earlier in his life John had stints as a zookeeper and Foreign Affairs clerk and lived in a yoga community, where he learnt about the practical realities of service by working in hot bread shops.

After an intense three year training in analytic psycho-therapy John worked as a counselling psychologist in the tertiary education field for 17 years. His activities included lecturing, course co-ordination, management and conducting meditation programs for students and staff.   


On the spiritual side John has trained with some wonderful spiritual teachers. In his youth and twenties he was a student of Shri Vijayadev Yogendra, a classical yoga authority based in Melbourne. More recently he was drawn to the ashrams of Ramana Maharshi and his disciple Sri Lakshmana Swamy, where he was blessed with a deep awakening.

John has trained in visionary and channeling skills with Edmund Harold, the English Seer and Trance-Medium and he is also a disciple of the Ascended Masters. He completed Joyful Evolution training, a powerful soul healing therapy, with esoteric teacher Gordon Davidson.

Most recently John has done some work with Leonard Jacobson, an Australian spiritual teacher under whose guidance he is awakening to the silent Presence.


Jalagdril is a heart-name that emerged for John during an intense period of inner growth and experience.

It was a deeply transformational time w2hich revealed past lives and the gifts and limitations developed in those lives. It became clear that spiritual teaching, healing and visionary skills were his forte, garnered over many lives of strenuous effort, challenge, success and failure.

During this time John visited various countries with soul friends to explore the nature kingdoms and offer the planet esoteric healing. His visionary skills grew throughout this period and he became adept at communicating with the subtle worlds and some of the Ascended Masters. 

John found that these beautiful superconscious experiences often drew him towards the future, while the unresolved subconscious issues kept pulling him back into the past. He gradually understood that the truth is revealed as you release your desires and fears and dwell more frequently in the present moment. 

John has written about the various revelations and experiences he had during that extraordinary time and has called them Jalagdril Stories. You can read some of them by clicking here.