The Mother's Plea

The Mother of the World is calling out to me from all over the Earth saying:

“Jalagdril, my son, remind everyone of the need to understand and protect my Heart and all of my children who are born, nurtured and sustained by Me.”

Our Mother is calling to you and me to recognize and affirm Her sovereignty over our One Earth for She is the love and the heart, the womb and the container of our lives.

To experience Her exquisite soft and luminous Energy is to know the nature of the Feminine and to understand how women need to be loved and engaged. In the experience of Her truly gentle strength and depth we also understand how much pain she absorbs through Her Heart.

Through Her daughters, the nature worlds and beloved indigenous people, She has endured exploitation and rape by the blind and destructive forces of fear, greed and desire. And yet She has constantly forgiven and borne the pain and the ignorance expressed in this world.

To experience Her deeper Energy is to truly understand our own mothers, sisters, wives, friends and daughters. To experience Her encompassing and nurturing softness makes a man a stronger, a more truly masculine father, brother, husband, friend and son.

It empowers a man to know the Mother’s grace and to protect Her in Her many forms. It enables him to know unconditional love for All and draws him a step closer to Oneness with all Life.

We can all protect the Mother’s life expressing as woman, angel, nature spirit, animal, tree, stone, ocean, river and valley.

My Mother asks Jalagdril to share with you that Her divine Partner, the Father of the World is approaching with His Star friends to support the Mother at this time.

Our Star friends are working with the Mother to redeem Her children and awaken all those who intuitively affirm all that She embodies on this good Earth. They include the awakening ones of good will and the yogis, indigenous groups, the druids and pagans, the crones and wizards of all nations.

This new Energy entering the planet is a reseeding emanating from the virile Life of the Father and it is the Cosmos’s response to our sacred appeal. The Mother’s heart people have been deeply wounded, but will heal as Her redemption and transfiguration proceed.

Through this new Energy all who feel abandoned, wounded & neglected can find healing in the depth of their hearts.

Simply recognize how truly loving, soft and gentle She is and how that sustains our very life and grounding on this Earth. For men it shows the need to be gentle and protective, to understand and affirm all of the wild, creative and flowing ways of the Feminine.

My Mother is asking us to care for Her Earth in the way She cares for Her children - all the kingdoms of nature, the animals and the trees and the stones full of power, the oceans, rivers and valleys. She delights in Her creation as do the indigenous tribes who are closest to Her Heart.

We can learn from them by dancing and creating new ways of relating to the Mother. Ways that create a heart intimacy with Her.

Let our love and understanding of the Mother flood the world! Let it be so!

Jai Guru Ma!