Reuniting Heaven & Earth

As Jalagdril sat on the shore of the ancient river bed, he felt the warm wind caress his skin and silence his mind. The deep stillness allowed him to merge with the movement of the reeds, which were undulating like an ocean swell in the zephyr-like breeze. Small waves rippled across the surface of the waterhole as the wind played upon it and all sang of wholeness and unity. 

Jalag felt the nature spirits of the waterhole were smiling and playing with him and his heart opened to them.  As the connection deepened a sense of foreboding emanated from the rugged red cliffs that rose up behind the waterhole. It seemed the ancient protectors of the region were expressing concern at Jalag’s presence there and their powerful concern was palpable. It warned against intrusion and yet he knew they were only protecting the area and asking him to account for himself.

He responded by invoking the love and protection of his home, the great star Sirius and drew its blue-white energy down into his heart. He then asked Mother Earth to anchor Her love in his heart too. Thus, safely in his heart and poised mid-way between heaven and earth, Jalag then felt ready to ground this same Sirian energy of Love and Freedom into this ancient region.

Once again Jalag felt the urge to dance and sing just as he had 6 months ago, 2,000 km to the southwest on the Victorian coastline. Near Portland there had been an opportunity to help reunite the nature spirits and devas, the children of the Mother, with their angelic and star friends from Sirius. 

This task of anchoring Love and Freedom will heal the rift between the different life kingdoms on Earth. It is long overdue and can only happen as Humanity develops the vision of Oneness with all life forms on the planet. Animals and nature spirits already live in this state of Oneness with Life. We are the laggards.

Being so embroiled in the world's pain Humanity needs help from our star friends in this work of redemption. As more people start to recognize and experience that the same divine Life flows in all life forms the desire to destroy one another will fade away and harmony & co-operation between humans, animals, nature spirits and the Mother of the World will deepen.

A few minutes earlier Jalagdril had found two beautiful stones in the sea of pebbles beneath his feet, one of masculine and one of feminine shape. Holding one in each hand he raised them to the sky and slowly started to dance, stamping his feet and turning in a circle. He invoked his star friends & drew down electric blue fire from Sirius, which flowed into and scintillated around his energy field.

With this powerful energy flowing freely he then gestured at the ancient rock spirits in the red cliff face and offered them this energy channelled from his friends above. It was an intense display and the spirits in the cliff were adamant in their power.

Jalag knew these spirits deserved immense respect as they are ancient guardians of this 100 million year old river, the oldest living river in Australia. And so his chanting & gesticulating grew more emphatic. Without the support and protection of the Mother he knew things may have ended differently.

Calling forth these primordial spirits Jalagdril invited them to receive the new inflow of Life and after some time he realized the energy had been accepted and the work completed.

Sinking to the ground and puffing and panting due to the effort and immense heat in his body, Jalagdril felt grateful and surprised at how spontaneous and blessed the whole experience had been. He had known something was going to happen on this journey to central Australia but nothing about how or where.

Gazing at the cliff face that had been the focus of attention he noticed two craggy faces formed in the rocks. Judging by the look of severity on the earth spirit’s face Jalagdril realized the event had not been without danger but at the same time he had felt deeply protected.

And still the wind played gently on the water spreading its blessing of love and joy over the Finke River waterhole.