How To Awaken The Planet

As I woke this morning these words were resonating within me, so I sat down and wrote out what was in my heart.

“Let the Plan of Love & Light workout,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells”

These lines from the Great Invocation indicate there is a cosmic Plan which the Divinity reveals to us and those who respond to It can support the working out of this Plan.

How can we do this?

Well, the current goal for humanity is to shift its focus from the mind to the heart. A purely mental focus suppresses our soul's expression and holds us enthralled to the conditioned activity of the mind. When we listen to our mind rather than our heart, it inhibits our access to intuitive wisdom and fills us with self-doubt, cynicism and guilt, all of which delay our conscious evolution.

We live in such a beautiful world and yet the forces of resistance in it hold us in fear and separation. They try to persuade us that it is every man for himself and that sharing is for dummies. It is no accident that the guides of the human race describe us as prisoners of the planet.

These negative forces promote fear, anger and delusional beliefs, which make us fight one another. We should not underestimate how much the mind is involved in conflict. Fears separate us from one another and make us strive for a false sense of security by amassing wealth and trying to possess people and things.

Anger promotes violence and antisocial words and actions towards others. Delusion makes us project our own weaknesses and desires onto others and judge them accordingly. The latter is a form of shadow-boxing, which simply denies the need to take responsibility for our own lives.

I was recently given an insight into how the dark forces on our planet have tried to break down the connection between our Star origins and the Earth. To understand this we need to recognize that there is a two way flow of energy between the great sun Sirius and the Earth.

This energy exchange supports and sustains our conscious evolution and builds our relationship to the Sirian Centre in ways we are only just discovering. Sirius is the source of the Love-Wisdom teachings. 

So anything which disrupts that energy flow interferes with the divine Power, Love and Light flowing to our planet and therefore retards the evolution of all of the nature kingdoms. The dark forces have succeeded in doing this by promoting fear, anger and delusion and perpetuating war, mass competition and the widespread destruction of our planet’s indigenous people and habitat. As you will read in a moment, this has damaged the bridge between earth and our star origins.

To understand this we need to recognize that the Divine Mother of the World or Gaia is that great Intelligence who is the living, feminine consciousness of our planet. The Divine Mother nurtures and supports our planetary life in its myriad forms and there are two Earth groups who are particularly close to Her who help ground the flow of consciousness from the Divine Father.

These are the Indigenous peoples or First Nations and the natural mystics and healers of the world. These two groups are what Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian mystic and artist called magnets. Magnets are beings who attract the cosmic forces in order to anchor them in the planetary consciousness.

It is these two groups whose simplicity, sensitivity and subtle alignment with the Divine Mother, make them the most sensitive to the Mother’s life and ways and therefore closest in relationship to Her. As they are aligned with the Mother these two groups are most sensitive to the incoming energies of the Divine Father, which flow to us from Sirius and other stars. In that way they continually sustain the 2 way flow of consciousness between Earth and the Cosmos.

Hence, these two groups are pivotal to the evolution of life and consciousness on our planet and by hurting them we damage our planet’s connection to the cosmic interplay. Sadly, their simplicity and sensitivity has also made them the most vulnerable to the rapacious nature of the dark forces, who have enlisted human instruments to damage and dis-empower them over the last few centuries.

Think of the colonization process in so many lands and who suffered most, the persecution of mystics, astrologers and natural healers in the middle ages, the witch hunts and so on.

The animal kingdom has also suffered deeply at the hands of humanity. In our relations with the animal kingdom there has been a karmic rebalancing in the past century or two. The need now is for humanity to forgive the depredations of carnivorous animals from our ancient past, when we were scattered & vulnerable and animals would decimate our primitive populations.

It is the subconscious memory of this violence which perpetuates our fear of the animal kingdom and it needs to be released. Then we can allow them to live side by side with us in peace as it should be.

It is very important then to support and nurture these groups who are so loved by the Divine Mother and who are so essential to the growth of the planet, humanity and the other nature kingdoms. Once again our star friends are keen to link with these groups and by facilitating this sharing we can anchor new, redemptive relationships between them. This mutual exchange will bring about a higher octave of love on the planet.

There is no more important activity for us in the next few years than to rebuild the links between our star friends and the indigenous and esoteric communities to help anchor these new energies upon the Earth.

One sign that the Plan is slowly working out into manifestation is the growing awareness of the need for greater equality for all, including our younger brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.

We see positive signs of this in the social movements which are challenging the heartless nature of livestock production and harvesting; the genetic manipulation of crops; the mindless, mass felling of virgin forests to plant mono-cultures of palm oil trees and the unseemly plunder of our natural resources on a massive scale.

This awareness is a good sign but ultimately your own ability to hold and emanate loving feeling and clarity of thought are the signs that the Plan is working out at the human level. This can only occur through a deep seated healing of your own ego and subconscious nature. Until we do this other people and the animal kingdom will still sense our conflict with them and true healing will not occur.

We exploit animals by eating and farming them in ways that deny that we have the same divine Life within us. In the plant kingdom the urge to increase production and reduce disease has seen us damaging our seed stocks through the promotion of mono-cultures via genetic modification. This practice has short term advantages in increasing crop yields but ultimately reduces genetic variation & can have negative impacts through antibiotic resistance and harmful toxins.

In the mineral kingdom we are engaged in mindless exploitation and are dragging resources out of the ground by the millions of tons.

Humanity is exploited by the power mongers and media manipulators who lack any sense of soul and believe their own safety and security lies in amassing wealth, possessions and shallow fame.

The corrosive fear and lack of knowledge of our true (spiritual) nature has always been the basis of the dark forces exploitation of the masses. And the masses tend to fall for the bait they set and simply want to emulate the superficial, rich and powerful in our society.

If we want to we can free ourselves from this captivity by raising our awareness and releasing the subconscious beliefs that hold us captive to fears, doubts and insecurities. These limitations feed our greed, sense of separation and negative behaviors. we need to heal our ego and subconscious self where the problems are based.

Our own souls stand ready to help us do this as do the spiritual guides of Humanity who understand the challenges of spiritual growth. As these challenges are built into the structure and nature of our society it is only now with the release of these new star energies that the emergence of a new renaissance in many fields is happening. This renaissance will encourage a more enlightened and loving way of life based on a love of oneself and one's neighbour.

Our star friends are the inspirers of this new evolutionary energy and the love and freedom that it brings. It all starts with the opening of the heart and the release of our negative conditioning.

This will lead to new expressions of love in politics & business (sharing), education (self-understanding & community building), the arts (understanding energy & creative light and sound energies), religion (inclusive identity) and science (cheap non-polluting technology available to everyone).

In all of these fields it is important that we resolve the mind’s constantly polarising tendency. That is what keeps us trapped. As we learn to do this, the polarities of masculine & feminine, scientific & spiritual and other divisions will gradually fade away to be replaced with a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Only the awakening of our hearts will enable this to occur because the heart is the true source of love, inclusion and synthesis. To become heart-centred we need to recognize that the mind is a good servant but a poor master. The heart is the centre of our existence and the key connection to Presence.

These creative new expressions in each discipline will gradually manifest the divine Plan for our planet. The emerging Plan will work by redeeming our relationship with the nature kingdoms who support our sacred connection to the Divine Father and Mother.

Key ways to redeem the Mothers’ children include reconnecting with the groups of humanity who align with Her, listening to their wisdom about the planet and our relationship to the stars. By sharing with them we bring this heavenly wisdom into embodiment on Earth by introducing them to new energies from the stars, so that they can anchor these with the Mother.

This latter step is needed because the indigenous groups in their fatal contact with aggressive civilization have become alienated from their own mission. Hence they will benefit from a mutual sharing of the new star wisdom, synthesized in useful and practical ways.

A new link between the star consciousness and our blue planet is being built. Let us listen to what the star peoples are sharing with us in order to redeem, heal and awaken our beautiful planet to this new evolutionary energy.

We also need to listen to another group who have been misunderstood and ignored. These are the seers, the sensitives, the crones and nature healers who have a deep heart connection to the subtle worlds and who are able to communicate their message to us. In valuing them too lies our redemption and awakening.

In the growth of each one of us there are stages and these often involve the release of fiery tears from the awakening heart. So let us find the courage to open our hearts and learn how to receive and radiate healing to all.