First Contact

As I stood on the escarpment near Cape Nelson Lighthouse, looking out over the slate-blue sea I remembered the inner guidance that had led us to this beautiful place. Turning inland I could see a green expanse of shrubs undulating & flowing like the ocean’s swell. It really was a wild place and perfect for the activities that were to come.

Twelve months before I had begun a conversation with my star friends after learning a little about Sirius and realizing its key role in our planet’s evolution. Around that time I met with a gifted visionary who had surprised me by revealing that she could see a group of three Star people around me.

She described them as between 8 to 9 feet tall, with very high, elongated heads and light energies playing through their transparent heads. Initially she said they were bald, but one of them had protested that he had some hair, so clearly they had a sense of humor. They introduced themselves as my star brothers and said they had been with me for a very long time.

She also said that in the sleep state I did not have a human form, which took me back a little… Having been introduced I began communicating with them by writing questions and then recording their responses without allowing my conscious mind to interfere with the flow.

Their response to my first contact was to describe a location I would be drawn towards - A place of deep, underground water, high basalt soils and flowing valleys of green and golden energy. South by south west, not far from the ocean, the sea breeze is important as a cleansing process, a high escarpment, which attracts the wind as a cleansing, integrating energy.

This was the place in Portland where I was now standing 12 months later and the many experiences that had led me to go there with my friends had encouraged faith in the guidance the star brothers were offering.

One of the brothers had also said,“You will feel the connection when you arrive there and it will welcome you, the nature spirits and the animals and birds and insects and even the flowers will welcome you. You will feel you have come home, so be joyful my brother, you will be so joyful!”

And it was a joyful time as we sat there in the sun, watching the surging ocean and feeling the wind blow warmly on our skin. It was the start of a new role for us in helping reconnect the star and nature kingdoms. My friends too had many revelations about their roles and gifts as we explored that beautiful escarpment.

On the second day at Cape Nelson my friend went for a walk along the escarpment which sat high above the ocean. As she walked she was shown various spirit tracks and sites where groups of masters, star people and devas were gathered, each in their own circles. In the afternoon she told me about what she had seen and agreed to show me these spirit tracks and two of the objects she had found.

So off we went and as she guided me along these invisible tracks in the hardened mud of the ground she asked if I had seen anything? To my embarrassment I told I hadn’t seen anything but little did I know that was all to soon change. I have inner sight when I close my eyes, but normally can’t see anything with open eyes. 

As we came up to another series of naturally formed clay circles something stirred in me and I asked her if I could hold the two objects she had collected. She handed them to me and then wandered off towards the edge of the cliffs to investigate that area.

Standing there with the baton-like length of driftwood in my right hand and a volcanic rock shaped like a joystick in the other, my sight was naturally drawn to the horizon between the sky & the ocean. As I stood there I decided to invoke the protection of my Sirian star friends and the Mother of the World. This invocation allowed me to shift into a sacred space of intention and then I found myself slowly starting to turn around within middle of the circle of clay rings on the ground. 

I glanced around to see if anyone was watching and was reassured that there were no witnesses to this unusual activity that I was feeling impelled to act out. Gradually forgetting myself, I continued to turn around in small circles to the right and spontaneously stomped the ground with my feet in the way you see indigenous Australians dancing. I was also singing and whooping at the sky like an American Indian calling down the Spirits from above. 

Next I started gesturing down to and calling up the spirit beings whom I sensed in the ocean below the horizon as it stretched out before me. By this time the whole horizon had come alive with spirit beings and while dancing and whooping I was drawing the baton upwards from the horizon to the sky. I was alternating this by drawing the baton from the left and right sides of the horizon so that the energies were brought into the centre to be drawn up into the sky, so they could be linked with the star people above. 

I can see now that I was instinctively taking part in a shamanic ritual to help reunite the ocean devas with our star friends waiting above. It felt real and intense and I was sure that I was being supported in this action by my star friend. 

My friend told me later that she had been quietly watching my dance and had seen masters and star beings coming down from the sky to meet the devas who were rising up from the ocean. The strange thing for me was that I felt like a fire had been flowing through me to generate the power for this reconciliation to take place.

In the photos that she took from her vantage point near the ocean you can see electric blue dots of energy running along the stick I was holding and a whole stream of the same colour running along the edge of my clothing. 

After the ritual ended I noticed that there was also a thicker line of cobalt blue on the ocean’s horizon than before I started. My whole energy field felt electrified.

What had started 12 months before as a halting first conversation with my star brothers had now led to a wonderful opportunity to serve Father Mother God in reuniting the energies of heaven and earth. I realized that this was to be my work from now on.