Dear Brothers & Sisters


I want to share a simple Truth with you that has long been forgotten but which we now need to remember.

All who live on this Earth are composed of the same Life and the time has come to remember and act on this understanding.

Our loving Mother Earth has formed our bodies into all shapes, sizes and species. While She creates the life forms to house our Spirit, she also loves us unconditionally, recognizing and accepting us as Her children, whether we are human, animal, plant, nature spirit or star being.

Every day she opens Her heart to receive the love of her partner Father Sun and every day receives His Life as the energies of love and light.

Through time and fate our Father and Mother who are One, have become separate in our minds. We have lost contact with our Mother and She has been ignored. Her people lost hope and retreated into the Earth to await the day when the Father and Mother would be reunited.

At times we have been lost in the darkness of what seems to be an unloved Earth though those of the heavens and stars have never stopped loving us.

In blindness and despair some of our Mother’s children developed their arts in darkness, rather than in light and sought powers separate from the Mother or Father. For this ignorance we are forgiven for it was simply the blind search to find our power. After all, power and freedom are qualities that are our birthright and we all need to feel them in our hearts.

Another result of our alienation was that we chose sides and many overemphasized the path of the Father. We saw the Father energy as good and the Mother energy as bad and persecuted one another in our ignorance.

This confusion has always been encouraged by the dark brothers and sisters who appear to thrive in chaos and confusion. Such of our brothers and sisters have no peace, nor do their followers.

However, there are sons and daughters of Humanity who have gone before us and are known as the Spiritual Hierarchy. They support and guide those of us who are open to Them and They too, as emissaries of the Father, care deeply for the Mother and listen closely to Her. Our Father and Mother are theirs too.

At this time we need the wisdom of our indigenous peoples, our pagans and witches who understand the ways of the Mother. We need to listen and learn their ways of connecting to the unseen lives who build and sustain our Earth, the nature spirits and the greater builders, the angels.

So I call all of our brothers and sisters, old and young, asleep & awake, light workers and magic weavers, pagans and priests, witches and healers, teachers and counselors, all of you who can hear!

Now is the time to accept and recognize that our spiritual family includes all life-forms on Earth. We can receive the united guidance of our Mother and Father and the peace and strength that the great Ones of the stars and our planet are offering us. The star people will share their Light to help heal the Earth, so shall we accept their free and loving Gift?

If we do so we can develop our own capacity to become guides and healers and receive the peace and power that loves and uplifts, that makes no judgments and condemns none.

The Cosmic family of all life forms needs our involvement, yet we don’t need to join a group to serve. We only need to connect with our spiritual Self in the Heart, invite the Father & Mother into our hearts and peace and freedom from within will be ours.

Through the Heart we are immediately united to the One Life. As soon as this connection is made the healing and opportunities we need will start to flow to us. Then we can transform ourselves so that we can serve in the way most suited to our own make up and gifts.

The following simple practice can help you connect with the One Life in your Heart.

  • Close your eyes and focus in your heart region.

  • Breath in peace & breath out everything else until you settle in your Heart.

  • Witness the divine Self.

  • Offer love to the Father Star above your head & the Mother Star below your feet (in the core of the Earth.)

  • As you offer love to each of them you can also invite their love into your heart & feel yourself receiving it.

  • Then be still & focused in your heart & ask for any healing, understanding or strength that you feel you need.

If you like you can then recite the following affirmation.

I Am.
I Am all that I Am.
One with the Universal Mind
One with the Source of all Life.
I Am one with all life forms and they are One with Me
I Am Love,
I Am Light,
I Am Peace,
I Am.