"Build a Temple to Sirius"

I came to understand who my spiritual parents were one clear and crisp winter’s morning back in 2011. My fellow trainees and I had arrived in Citta della Pieve in Umbria to attend a training program in a new form of spiritual psychology. It was to be a very significant time.

On the morning of the first day I woke around 5am with a deep feeling of loss and the conviction that my mother & father had abandoned me on this Earth. I didn’t understand this, but the feeling of grief was so deep that I actually woke up sobbing. 

As the sadness & grief poured out of me I felt like the loneliest person on Earth and yet it also felt like my heart had opened in a new and powerful way. There was a deep sense of joy as if I had never felt so alive in this life.

As the emotion subsided I gradually realized what had happened, understanding that I had not come from Earth but had been left here, perhaps even against my will. I knew deep inside that the grief was due to the perception that I had been abandoned by my parents, the Mother & Father of the World.

This sense of abandonment had been with me my whole life and had coloured my behavior and relationships for many years. And yet this was the beginning of the final healing of this wound and alienation.

Feeling wrung out from the sheer depth of this emotional release, I got up and stumbled bleary-eyed through my wash. I then made my way through the corridors of the beautiful old medieval building to the first session.

More revelations were to come that morning as we began the 5 day training in Joyful Evolution. We started with a guided meditation and the energy released during it, helped concentrate my mind in an intense way. As this intensity grew I saw a small circular temple in my mind’s eye and then heard the words..

“Build a temple to Sirius!”

This directive from Higher minds was repeated 3 times, as if to leave me in no doubt that it had occurred.

Coming on top of the emotional outpouring earlier that morning I was left bemused by it. Perhaps like you dear reader, I had my doubts about the reality of what I had just heard and so thought I would run it past a fellow participant. That person was almost dismissive saying, “Oh, we are all doing that”.

A day or two later and still in the dark about it, I spoke with the facilitator and shared what had happened in the first meditation. He thought it might mean that I was being encouraged to build a conscious link, an energetic bridge between Sirius and the Earth. This seemed like a reasonable interpretation although the temple I was shown made me wonder if it wasn’t meant to be an actual place. Such is my earthy, concrete Taurean mentality.

More recently I have come to understand that I was actually being encouraged to develop my own energy field as a temple to Sirius. Since that time the temple has been built, enabling me to link with our star friends on a more regular basis. It took 3 years to understand what they had meant by “build a Temple to Sirius”.

Sirius is a great star, the Higher Self of our own Sun and the Centre from which the Christ and other great Teachers have emerged. These Teachers have brought the Love-Wisdom teachings to our planet Earth over thousands of years. The Path to Sirius is the evolutionary path that most of humanity will take as we progress, which means Sirius is important to us all.

It is said that the Christ will be over-lighted by 3 great Lives when He reappears on Earth, one of them the Avatar of Synthesis - the Silent Avatar from Sirius.

This Avatar is a great Being Who has been approaching the Earth for some years now and is responsible for the growing sense of Oneness that many people are experiencing.

This Avatar's energy, when expressed through the Christ will unify our five nature kingdoms as One. This will help humanity understand that God, the One Life, expresses Itself through every nature kingdom.

From the smallest crystal to the most evolved Master, all are divine. The only difference is the way each life form expresses its divinity or livingness. All life forms sense & respond to the energy of love, which is the very essence of our Existence.

Love is the true basis for spiritual growth when expressed as patience, care, kindness and forgiveness. It is the one thing necessary for our highest Good.