A Conversation with Jesus

Jesus said.,“Jalagdril, do you understand what is happening to you now? Do you understand the truth that I have shared with the world - that you should let go and die every day?”

And I replied, “Yes, my Friend, I quietly watch as my pride and intellectual conceits, my desires,  hopes and dreams are gently denied me and fall away like autumn leaves from the trees. And just as the trees have no choice in this process, I too understand that this is divine Will working through me and nothing to do with my personal self.”

“Well, after all”, He laughed, “you have been asking for this experience for the past 35 years, haven’t you?  Your Father and We your Brothers & Sisters have been listening to your prayers, you know.

"Do you understand, the Master continued, that as your ego surrenders you can serve your fellow man and woman in a more heartfelt way and enter into a deeper relationship with Us?”

“Yes, I replied. “I feel my heart opening more deeply as I am slowly gathered into the sacred Community. I’m learning how to support Those who strive to heal and help our world and those who are helping the Mother take Her place in the greater Life as a sacred planet.

Reflecting on this I said, “It’s a strange experience being in this world, but not of it.”

“You’re telling me!” He laughed.

And as we both smiled at this thought, I better understood the deep love, patience and understanding that He and the Brotherhood exercise in dealing with their “little ones”. The latter are the slowly awakening disciples who, amidst many stumbles and hiccups, are growing into their identity as part of the divine Community.

Every day the silence deepens and the world I thought was real shows itself to be more like a hologram. This hologram is kept in play by the mechanical playing out of the world through my own karma, desires, fears and illusions.

Increasingly now, only the livingness that flows from my Heart feels Real. When walking in nature I can feel the birds and insects, the wind and the trees welcome me as their brother. And I feel held in the love and joy of this Life we all share.

“That is very well and do you feel service beckoning you?” He asked.

“Yes, I do and it seems like the sweetest thing on earth, even though no personal needs are met through offering my support. Service seems to flow from the other person’s needs and not from me, so that all I can do is to wait and respond to those who come to me.

“Yes, that is true, he observed, service is based on the real needs of your brothers and sisters. Their hopes, crises and attachments are something you can only witness, but when they seek the abundant life of the higher worlds, then you can point them to the bliss and the joy of connecting with their Divinity.

Then I observed, “And the more I face this unswerving Truth and release from the separate self, the more a feeling of joy and delight flows through me. And since we all serve the Mother & the Father there is an even greater joy in what we share.

“Yes”, said Jesus, “only your heartfelt service and not your attachment to outcomes will bring that joy.

“Yes, it seems to be all that is asked of us in this life.”