The GRAIL Mysteries


The Grail is the ancient quest for self awareness and the Ascended Master Koot Hoomi and Arch-Angel Michael are its Co-Protectors.

The Grail mysteries were taught to me by Edmund Harold, who founded the Grail House Mystery School in Australia. Edmund introduced me (literally) to the Ascended Masters and taught about the lesser and greater mysteries, trance channeling, healing and seership techniques. I filled in the gaps in my understanding through inner experiences and studying the writings of the Tibetan and other Masters.

When teachers speak of the Egyptian, Celtic or Greek Mystery schools they are simply referring to different historical expressions of the same enlightenment process.

In previous lives many of us have been involved in several of these schools and even the Master Jesus is said to have experienced the Lesser Mysteries within the Egyptian Mystery School.

Traditionally, the mysteries were taught in secluded places, out of the public eye. Nowadays, we are said to be living in a more enlightened society and while some of the Lesser Mysteries have been revealed in modern psychology, others still remain hidden.

John’s Approach

Interestingly, the Tibetan Master observed several decades ago that “Practicing the Presence of God” is the most straight-forward path to enlightenment for our current era and this is the process that we focus on.

I offer counselling and techniques in one on one and small group settings that help you to heal your subconscious self and move into the present moment. In that space, anything else that is not Presence reveals itself in order to be healed.

The ego and personality are known in the ageless wisdom tradition as the “dweller on the threshold” and it is this dweller, which veils our access to the present moment and Self-realization.

Until the ego has surrendered, we cannot enter the higher Way of Self-realization and so the ego is the only thing standing in the way of our progress.

We do not awaken for ourselves alone but to serve humanity and the nature kingdoms and practicing the Mysteries helps align us with the Plan - God’s unfolding purpose for our planet.

Main Purpose

In whatever part of the world they appeared the mystery schools always had one clear purpose and that was to awaken participants to their inner Divinity.