AwAken TO Presence Group

John is offering a group to explore simple and effective ways to move into your natural state of Presence.

As you awaken to Presence the mind becomes silent and there is a palpable feeling of love and peace. This is actually your true nature and it feels very different to living in the mind, with its incessant thoughts, fears, agendas and reactions.

The ego is the main challenge to abiding in the Self, because it fears the present moment, which it cannot understand. It is one thing to be able to glimpse Presence and another to remain in it.

Presence is your inner Master, while your ego is the student. Both live within you, so there is a very real need to promote right relationship between them.  

In this group you will learn how to enter the present moment and master the ego and mind through love, compassion and acceptance. 

If you would like to enquire about the group please contact John. 

Format: Talk by John followed by a Q & A session. Practice of awareness techniques. 

Location: Blackburn, Vic. 3130