AwAken TO Presence Group

Next Session: Sunday 14th April, 2pm - 3.30pm

Format: Talk by John followed by a Q & A session. Practice of awareness techniques. 

Location: Blackburn, Vic. 3130

To confirm with John: Call mob. 0417 507 307 or email

John is offering a monthly group to explore simple and effective ways to move into your natural state of Presence.

As you awaken to Presence the mind becomes silent and there is a palpable feeling of love and peace. This is actually your true nature and feels very different to living in the mind, with its incessant thoughts, fears, agendas and reactions.

The ego is the main challenge to abiding in the Self because it believes it has to protect you from the present moment, where your heart opens and all that you are as a human being is revealed.

In this group you will have the rare opportunity to awaken to your true nature as the Self.  

If you would like to attend the group please contact John.