“People will freely respond only to those individuals who are chosen as leaders,
because they are proven and trusted as servants.”

The Ascended Masters

Who are the Masters?

A Master is someone who has realized the Self. They are recognized for the depth of love and wisdom they manifest and for their immersion in the silent Presence of God.

A true Master is able to initiate others into the realization of the Self because the awakened Presence within the Master resonates with the Presence within the student.

In a world where the majority of people are asleep to their true nature, it is reassuring to know there is a group of awakened beings guiding those who wish to wake up.

While there are living Masters, there are also Ascended Masters who have transcended the physical life and guide their disciples from subtle levels of consciousness. There are many inspiring stories within all the spiritual traditions of how these Masters have served the awakening of Humanity.

The Ascended Masters are members of the Spiritual or 5th kingdom, just as humanity is part of the 4th kingdom of nature. They include those individuals who have mastered the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels of consciousness and have become one with God.

They oversee the conscious evolution of our planet, assisting those who wish to grow and serve the divine Plan for the awakening of humanity and the other kingdoms.


Making Contact

In each lifetime the spiritual aspirant will often first reconnect with the Spiritual Hierarchy through a senior disciple of one of the Masters. In my case that disciple was my mentor Edmund Harold, who founded the Grail House Mystery School.

Then, as we do the work of purification and learn how to serve others, we are gradually drawn towards the centre of an Ashram, which is the term for the energetic sphere of influence of a Master. Eventually, there comes the day when we directly experience the Master’s actual Presence, which may involve an interview in Their study.

Our spiritual affiliation with a Master or Masters can develop over a series of lifetimes and so meeting the Master again is no accident. Our intuition will often guide us to the right setting for the unfolding of our awakening and service.

While we are still new to the Path, the Master may direct us to a general spiritual group, where we are given a basic spiritual education and work out some basic karma. Only when ready will we be guided to our Master to begin the real work of awakening.

It is good to remember that God is the true Master, the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. God is the silent Presence within us, while the Ascended Masters support our awakening to this Presence.

The Masters are active in different fields, like politics, education and religion and guide us in developing a greater awareness of our custodianship of the planet. They include the Masters Morya, Koot Hoomi, Djwal Khul, Jesus, Rakoczy and Serapis.

You can read about these key figures in Edmund Harold’s book, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. You can also discover which Masters you may have a connection with in Edmund’s book Master Your Vibration, a simple, but practical exercise in Esoteric Numerology. (nb. If you can’t find a copy online, I have some available.)

There have also been many living Masters who manifest great qualities of love and creative endeavor, but what identifies the Ascended Masters is that They have taken the Ascension or 6th Initiation and have transcended the need for human form.

In the ascended state these Masters serve the Earth from the subtle worlds of the 4 highest Ethers of the Physical Plane, which are actually formless levels of consciousness. They do not have physical forms anymore, but are able to create one if the need is there. This is how an Avatars or incarnation of God is able to embody on the planet to serve our evolution.

These are exalted states of consciousness beyond any heaven one might imagine and serious effort is needed to refine one’s energy field to make communication possible with Them. The Ascended Masters are able to communicate with those people on the physical plane, who are sensitive to impression. That sensitivity comes about through consistent meditation, invocation and aspiration, which refines your etheric body and its centres and enables you to connect with the Masters.

The aspiring seer needs to raise his or her awareness to the highest sub-planes of the Mental plane, which is the lowest point of access to the Ascended Masters. To do that you need to bypass the Astral plane of Illusion, which most people are unwilling to do. My mentor Edmund Harold was always adamant about the need to bypass the Astral or Emotional plane and I agree with him. Premature attempts to communicate may result in your contacting impostors on the Astral plane (of illusion). Hence the constant need for spiritual discernment.

I attended intensive retreats with Edmund for some years before being able to connect with Higher Minds. And of course, the work done in previous lives may add to your course credits! Our capacity to communicate with the Masters depends upon our readiness and whether we have awakened the Third Eye through the techniques mentioned above.

The Hierarchy are really one composite Body, a communion of Souls who have transcended the mind and exist in a state of Oneness. In their role as servants of the Father-Mother God they are able to indicate the way ahead in our evolution.

As you develop key values like patience, perseverance and detachment, serve others and practice daily meditation and self-study, a refinement of your energy field takes place, a tempering by fire, if you like. This fire gradually purifies your aura so that it is similar to the substance of the 4 cosmic Ethers I mentioned before, thus providing the communication medium that most of us lack. The increasing radiance of your aura then attracts the Masters you are linked to by karma and pledge.

Your sincerity and perseverance are often tested and such experiences help to build your faith and encourage your contribution to the Plan.

Members of the Brotherhood are very human and happy to assist those whose motives are genuine and sincere, though some with a more global focus are less involved in training individual disciples.

If it is your urge to do so then you too can develop your relationship with the silent Presence of God and the Masters of the Spiritual Kingdom, who embody that Presence.

While we may believe that we are seeking out the Master, in fact it is often the other way around. They are waiting for us to develop both the instruments of contact, ie the awakened Head centres, known as the Third Eye and the open-mindedness to accept that a productive relationship can be developed with Them. Unfortunately, the ego left to its own devices will often reject the idea that such unseen Guides exist.

Visits to mediums and psychics may reveal these links, but one must test the medium’s statements to discern whether these are designed to inflate your ego or actually have some substance. The Master R. suggested to me once that through a system of cross-referencing of such experiences we can gradually come to a conviction about the validity of such readings. There is nothing more convincing than communicating directly with a Master.

Personal Experiences

I was introduced to the Ascended Masters through my mentor Edmund, who was a senior disciple of the Master Rakoczy. I attended several intensive retreats with Edmund at Grail House in New South Wales and in those idyllic surroundings he supported my first contacts with the Ascended Masters.

The first approach by an Ascended Master can be quite a shock when you experience it. The ego will often try to deny the reality of the experience by bombarding your mind with doubt and scepticism. This negative strategy is intended to protect the ego’s worldview and convince you that only the physical world is real.

The Master will patiently try to convince the erring disciple that what they are experiencing is real, but this can be a challenging task when the student’s ego wishes to stay in full control and not surrender to the One Life.

Master Rakoczy (R.)

One of the Masters whose love and guidance has impacted me most deeply is the Master Rakoczy, who has guided me over lifetimes. The following is an account of my first meeting with the Master R, also known as Le Comte de Saint Germain.

During one seership retreat I had been struggling to get any clear contact with the subtle worlds. I was not feeling grounded because of my anxiety about experiencing this world of spirits! However, as we started the second meditation for the day my soul appeared in my mind’s eye as a beautiful luminous being and stood opposite me.

It silently beckoned me to stand under a beautiful waterfall of iridescent energy that appeared between us and as I stood under this stream of light, the vibrant energy helped to ground me. Only then did i find the strength and conviction to continue the mediumship practice.

As Edmund commenced the next visualization my awareness was drawn away from what he was saying and a very different scenario opened up before my inner sight.

I found myself looking down upon a book-lined study, which was very tastefully decorated in a style some centuries old. It was as if I was looking down through a camera located high up between the ceiling and the wall. In the middle of the room, sitting at a desk lit by candlelight and busily writing with a quill pen was a man dressed in the Jacobean style.

I felt rather perplexed by this, but having spied this fellow, I decided to test the veracity of my vision by asking him if he walked in the light of the Christ? This was the test question Edmund had suggested we use to check if we had made contact with a light brother or something else.

To this question the person quietly replied "Yes", and then continued with his writing. Remaining uncertain about his identity, I then repeated my question. As I did so, he stood up, walked across the room to my apparent location and held his candle up towards the camera. It was as if he was saying in a humorous way, "Yes, I do walk in the light of the Christ and here is the light to prove it!"

His actions showed that he knew I was very skeptical and anxious and so he was offering this humorous, non-verbal way to demonstrate the reality of his existence.

He then went straight back to his writing and that was the end of the interview. The Master R. who had just revealed himself to me in his incarnation as Francis Bacon had finished with me for now and turned off the (psychic) camera. For an hour or so afterwards I was in a state of profound concentration, which my friends commented on. The difference between that heightened state and my normal one was marked.

In that first interview and in subsequent contacts with Him it has been made clear to my skeptical mind that I have had a long association with the Master R. While we can read books that outline in great detail how the disciple comes into the Master’s Ashram or Sphere of Influence, it is only when such a contact actually occurs that it all becomes real.

In a previous experience the Master R. had shown me how my ego was protesting as my clairvoyant ability opened up again in this lifetime. He had appeared to a medium during a reading I was given and had tied a female crystal around my waist, to demonstrate the need to calm down my solar plexus centre, which was agitated and in conflict over these emerging psychic activities.

Other Glimpses of the Masters

The following anecdotes illustrate some other contacts I have had with the Ascended Masters. Communications with them have normally taken the form of visual or telepathic experiences in meditation. However, impressions of a much more subtle nature also occur when I have been reading or writing.

These impressions are almost seamless with the workings of my own mind, except that the blissful energy and depth of insight gained through them indicates that a higher Mind has gently impressed its thoughts on mine.

Sometimes I have only discovered the purpose of the communication after I have acted on the recommendations that have been made. The insight and beauty that flows from such experiences is undeniable.

These examples demonstrate some of the different ways in which you can have contact with these great Beings.

Master Koot Hoomi (KH)

On one retreat I attended, the Master Koot Hoomi appeared to me as Balthazar, one of the 3 Magian priests. The Masters will often present to you in the same appearance they had in a lifetime that you shared with Them in some way, or in the way They looked in their final incarnation on Earth, before they ascended.

Balthazar was joined by Lord Melchizedek, who appeared dressed in a simple Jewish priest's girdle and gown. Balthazar was pouring the shimmering contents of a beautiful cup into his mouth and this living stream of water flowed endlessly. I intuitively felt that he was demonstrating the need to share the "Waters of Life" with others.

He then announced to me that the Portal of Initiation awaited and an image of the portal was shown to me. (See image below). I resisted this idea and straight away the statement was repeated, but more emphatically, "The Portal of Initiation!" It was clear that They didn't want me to have any doubt about what I was hearing.

The Portal of Initiation

The Portal of Initiation

Master Dhwal Khul (DK)

My first contact with the Tibetan Master DK occurred at the end of an intensive 7 day retreat in 1998. It was during the final group meditation that he simply appeared in my inner vision and gazed at me in a very detached fashion. He had the appearance of an elderly Tibetan or Mongolian and had very high cheekbones and a closely shaven beard. He was also wearing a fez! After gazing at me for a few moments, he then turned around without a word and walked away.

After the meditation was over I turned to my mentor who was sitting next to me and asked him, "Who do we know who wears a Fez?" He looked at me a little bemused and replied, "why, the Master DK". I couldn't have been more surprised at this and that surprise illustrates how inner contacts are often only confirmed by others after the experience happens. Following this contact my energy field was vibrating at an extremely high rate and it took some hours to return to normal.

A few months later I was collecting my thoughts and the materials to start writing "Spiritual Psychology and the Ageless Wisdom". My mother rang to tell me my aunt had some esoteric books that she wanted to give away and wondered if I might want them? Given that I was rarely in touch with my aunt and that she knew nothing of the book I was writing, I felt the timing was interesting.

The books she gave me turned out to be a full set of Helena Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine" and 2 copies of Alice Bailey's "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire". Having looked at the Secret Doctrine, I felt it was similar to my perspective. These books are said to have been dictated to Blavatsky and Bailey by the Master DK.

Master Xurenses

Once while meditating at home I felt the familiar inflow of energy into my crown centre that indicated to me that a psychic connection was being made. Then a wave of energy opened up my brow centre and I quietly watched as my inner sight revealed the image of a circle being drawn in iridescent red ink. The one drawing the image then said in a very loving manner, "This is my circle". He then drew a smaller circle that intersected part of his, but also had a part outside of it. He then said, "This is your circle, ..... you need to expand it."

And so, in this simple and subtle way, he encouraged me to build more relationships with others on the Path.